Flavors of Paris with Ladurée

In the season of heading out for walks around the city, there’s an assortment of goodies for those with a sweet tooth: ice cream, cakes, cookies… but what if I told you there’s a dessert that will satisfy that appetite without feeling stuffed? Macarons. You know the type, they are found at tea parties and elegant luncheons. The very best of the best come from Ladurée, the gold standard of French macarons. For 150 years they have been serving flavors of Paris worldwide, and this weekend I was able to enjoy their Ladurée X Villa Albertine Macaron Collection.

Once the package arrived, I opened it to reveal a little blue box with gold foil detailing. The design took my breath away with a zodiac wheel and celestial iconography. It spoke to my astrological heart and my Taurean nature was ready to start tasting. I took off the lid to uncover eight petite macarons nestled together. The flavors ranged from florals to fruity and classic, so there’s a favorite for all flavor palettes. I chose my staple favorites like caramel and rose but found myself savoring the Blackcurrant Violet — a luscious indigo color from the blackcurrant comprised the outer shell, but the star was its violet filling. It had a jammy gooey texture and bright floral-tart taste that was an experience to behold. Ladurée’s vanilla also ranked high for me, with its aromatic vanilla flavoring, nutty edge, and buttery finish. Ladurée’s macarons are world-class extraordinary. Pick yours up at their stores or have it delivered, either way you’ll fall in love with the flavors of Paris.