Metro Home: Fig Everyone This Holiday Season!

Divina will turn you into a fig lover, if you’re not already. The Divina brand of fig spreads melds delicious sweet figs with various other flavors, including oranges, cacao, chili, kalamata olive, and original plain/pure fig. Divina also has a spectacular Sour Cherry spread that will pair with pretty much everything, as well as fruity or olive tapenade spreads for Holiday entertaining this year.

Take note: figs are a superfood, rich in fiber, potassium, and manganese, and have been savored in the Mediterranean since ancient times. In fact, they were a significant part of the basic diet of the ancient Greeks, and like olive and wine, a symbol of peace and prosperity.

Divina’s spreads are crafted in the tradition of Greek “spoon sweet” – preserves that are typically offered to guests as a welcome to one’s home. All the recipes use Greek Aegean figs and nothing artificial for coloring (as some folks add fillers like caramel to darken the spread). Crafted from Aegean figs, Divina’s spread is made in the classic Mediterranean style of fig spread that has existed for centuries. Figs have traditionally been paired with cheese, with notes of honey and caramel that blend well with salty and savory foods. This soft, spreadable jam is accented with the occasional crunch of the fig seeds, adding texture.

For an authentic cheese-and-fig pairing, smear it on a piece of fresh bread with a salty, caramel-like piece of Parmesan, and enjoy it with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with dark fruit notes. Even on its own, this spread is a wonderful companion on a piece of toast as part of a sweet and earthy breakfast. Bon Appetit!
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