Mightylicious: Gluten-Free Cookies Packed with Small Batch Goodness

If you’ve had your share of gluten-free desserts, then you may have reached the conclusion that every cookie that comes out of the oven is–um–how shall we say, not quite as good as the next? Going gluten-free, though, shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing a life of sugary indulgences, and Mightylicious Founder and Owner Carolyn Haeler, a cookie-lover who was diagnosed with celiac disease, has cooked up some solid options for others with similar dietary restrictions. Currently, Mightylicous has seven different tasty cookie flavors to choose from, including some vegan selections. All the cookies are created in small batches, and it’s easy to see how these sweet snackables could become an after-lunch staple.

Cookies for Your Soft Spot 

If biting into a soft cookie is your jam, then Mightlyicous has some options that might stir your interest including the Salted Peanut Butter cookies. This offering exudes homemade yumminess and is made using simple ingredients like peanut butter, brown sugar, eggs, and grape juice. With its up-front peanut butter flavor and pliable texture, this cookie would be a good fit for peanut butter fans who love a super-soft cookie. Another soft option is the Brown Butter, and the taste and feel of these chocolate chip cookies bring to mind Keebler’s Soft Batch variety. Mightlyicious’s version is made with brown cane sugar and semi-sweet chocolates, making for a lightly sweet choice, while the Oatmeal Coconut, a vegan variety will likely strike a chord with anyone who is nuts about coconut. 

Cookies with a Crunch

Some cookie lovers like their treats on the crispier side, and for them, the Brown Butter Short Bread is an egg-free option with some crunch. This cookie isn’t overly sweet, which is a perfectly good excuse to have more than one! Each of Mightylicious’ 6.5 oz. package holds around nine or ten cookies, but one of the packaging’s best features is that the cookies are further sealed into single or three-packs, making them convenient to stash in a bag (perhaps this vegan crossbody) for later and possibly share with a (lucky) friend. On the other hand, these cookies could also be a good fit for a larger gathering since they not only taste good but are also safe for gluten-free diets. Mightylicious cookies are made in New Jersey and are available at a variety of locations in Manhattan including several Whole Foods and Fairway stores and online here

Amy Hamblen

After spending over a decade in New York, Amy Hamblen is still impressively bad at giving directions around the city. Fortunately, not knowing one's exact whereabouts creates the opportunity to stumble into new places, so what she lacks in navigational skills, she makes up for with an abundance of solid happy hour recommendations. Amy is originally from Indiana, and whether or not her years spent covering the food and entertainment scene in NYC has earned her a seat at the table may be debatable, but it's of little consequence — she much prefers a stool at the bar.