My Latest Favorite Food Brand: Myles Comfort Foods

What are your favorite foods? Many people say pizza, cookies, and cakes; for me, it is mac and cheese. Mac and cheese is a side dish popular in my culture of Jamaica and Southern-style Soul food and now a meal of its own with Myles Comfort Foods. Myles Powell, food entrepreneur & chef, founded the brand in 2015. This minority-owned brand is born-and-bred in USA with clean ingredients in every package. Myles Comfort Foods has three varieties of frozen mac and cheese dishes: Buffalo Style Chicken, Philly Steak & Cheese, and Homestyle. 


If you are in a Superbowl mood, the Buffalo Style Chicken flavor will be a touchdown. The dish is made with chicken thighs, gooey cheeses, and a delicious kick from the sauce. I add more hot sauce and chili peppers to bump up the heat factor. The Buffalo Style chicken mac and cheese would be great for any game day! 


On the days I am missing Philly and its yummy cheesesteaks I heat up the Philly Steak & Cheese mac and cheese. The green peppers and savory bits of steak make this dinner filling with a side salad and cold Setzler. Philly Steak & Cheese is for the birds (in a good way).


Homestyle is the classic mac and cheese we all know and love. I made this dish for my picky niece and she fell in love. The multi-cheeses had an amazing cheese pull and tons of creamy flavor. She could not get enough and requested we make mac and cheese together.


Myles Comfort Foods brings the family together one spoonful at a time. You can find Myles Comfort Foods in the frozen section at your Target or online here.