Ponti Reminds Me of Summers in Italy

A couple of summers ago, I visited my friend Gilberto in Viagerrio, Italy, a quiet beach town, filled with cobblestone-lined roads, where I could always find a glass of Red Malbec wine with an array of olives and baguettes at my disposal. Ponti’s vinegars gave me a nostalgic feeling of the Italian cuisines, such as a Caprese salad and fettuccine Alfredo’s dishes, I devoured daily. I kind’ve missed Italy for a few seconds, but then I realized, I have Ponti’s vinegar, to hold on to my dearest memories of my Italian’s summers.


The Ponti’s Vinegars flavors are Cherry, Truffle, and Balsamic, it comes in a heavy and sturdy glass bottle with lovely vibrant packaging. There’s a special feeling when you have a bottle that is labeled, ‘Product of Italy’, because you are aware of how far it traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and to finally arrive at your home from Italy. The packaging is delightful and the traditional branding and label states, the delicious flavors that are inside. Ponti would be a great gift for a foodie, who loves an array of vinegar selections that can easily be added into any dish. When I opened my first Ponti’s Balsamic Vinegar of Modena’s bottle, I smelled the aromas immediately and it left me wanting to explore the world of Ponti.


I decided to cook grilled broccoli with Ponti’s Balsamic vinegar with a splash of olive oil and I immediately experienced the richness and a slight hint of sweetness. My Ponti’s experience was a truly unique one because my taste buds expanded my Italian’s palate.

My recommendations for pairings with Ponti’s vinegars:

  • Cherry Condiment (savory) – baked chicken, and grilled fish
  • Truffle Condiment (rich and creamy) – baked sweet potatoes, and red potatoes
  • Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (warm, and slightly sweet) – salads, and grilled vegetables

Ponti offers a guide for which vinegars will be a match for your dishes. Ponti can be found at Eataly. There’s a reason why Ponti has stood the test of time in the vinegar’s industry since 1787. This is an Italian’s vinegar experience you will want to have for your dishes, this holiday season.


Isis Swaby

Culture and Lifestyle Writer

Isis Swaby is a culture and lifestyle writer, artist, and DJ, as well as a native New Yorker. Isis's love for fashion and travel extends into food palettes of amazing world cuisines and spirits. Isis has traveled to Japan and to the tropics of Jamaica, and has completed art residencies with the InterCultural-ODYSSEYS Artist Residency in San Ramon, Costa Rica and the Chashama Studio Artist Residency in Harlem. Worked with brands as likes of Sonos, Apple Music, NTS Radio, Kangol, Redbull, Supreme and VP Records. Based in Brooklyn, NYC and Jersey City, NJ.