The Sophisticated Hard Seltzer You Need to Try

Move over White Claw and High Noon, there’s a new drink in town. Well, not really new as PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer has been around for nearly a decade, but this light and crisp beverage should take center stage this summer as the best hard seltzer in the spirits aisle. No, really, it’s that good (and designed with women in mind). 

Each PRESS variety pack includes 12 hard seltzers with a subtle flavor portfolio ranging from Peach Rosemary and Dragon Fruit Lotus to Guava Rhubarb and Watermelon Sea Salt. If these options seem more sophisticated than your average seltzer pack, it’s because they are. In fact, everything about PRESS is classier and elegant.

Founder Amy Walberg launched the brand in 2015 as a solution to her own problem: finding an all-natural beverage that was lower in alcohol-by-volume (ABV) content, sugar and gluten; one that she could serve to her friends while entertaining and also drink responsibly if she had to switch back into parent mode. Inspired by her international travels, she experimented in the kitchen and used real fruits and spices to create the first PRESS premium seltzer using real fruits and spices: Pomegranate Ginger seltzer. She has since made her mark in a male-dominated industry with complex, effervescent flavors like Blackberry Hibiscus, Grapefruit Cardamom, Lime Lemongrass, Pineapple Basil, Lingonberry Elderflower, Apple Cinnamon and Pear Chamomile. All crisp, all light and all uniquely delicious.

The slim, sustainable cans contain just 110 calories, with five grams of sugar, seven grams of carbs, zero gluten and four percent alcohol – brewed at a lower ABV to highlight the complex flavor notes. Because it’s a lighter option, you can have double the amount (kidding, but not really). These elevated seltzers are perfect for bachelorette parties, lounging by the pool, hosting a dinner party or simply unwinding after work – and in a saturated market, they stand out from the rest. 

PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer is available at major retailers in 48 states and is the only independent, woman-owned brand among the top 10 national seltzers – and you can tell. The matte packaging, alone, is gorgeous. And sometimes a little “pretty” goes a long, long way. Thanks, Amy. You’ve made “pressing forward” a lot more fun.

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