Ritual’s Must-Try, Zero-Proof Spirits

Summer is around the corner! We are approaching the time of the year for family vacations, having brunch with your girls, and maybe a dinner date or three if you’re in the dating realm. There’s a misconception that while you’re outside this summer, you must have a cocktail in hand, or you must enjoy that shot. I am here to introduce you to a brand that allows you to still have a cute cocktail minus the alcohol. Ritual Zero Proof has created non-alcoholic spirit alternatives that help you re-create your favorite cocktails. I had the chance to try their spirit alternatives and was positively shocked by the result. So, please allow me to share with you how your sober summer is saved…

Ritual’s spirit alternatives are low-calorie, non-GMO, and contain all-natural flavors. The mocktail options include Tequila, Gin, Rum, Aperitif, and Whiskey. All of the beautiful ingredients are on the bottles and it’s amazing how a select combination creates a drink that so closely mimics these popular liquors. I made two tasty mocktails for myself and these alternatives did not miss.

Along with ingredients I already had in the house, I made a Paloma and a Negroni. These drinks were just as good as a drink ordered from a bar. I mostly enjoy light liquor, so I was very impressed with the Gin and Aperitif alternatives in the Negroni. In the Paloma, I would compare the Tequila alternative to be close to a Mezcal because of its smoky taste. The darker liquor options are the Rum and Whiskey. The rum is similar to a dark spicy rum with hints of ginger and molasses. The whiskey gives a sweet and spicy taste with a hint of sweetness from the fruits but noticeable flavors from the toasted spices and mesquite smoke. Great replacements to add to your summer collection.

I recommend exploring the world of mocktails and expanding your palate. Even if you’re not choosing to be completely sober this summer, it is nice to give your body a break from alcohol. You can find a variety of easy mocktail recipes on their website. Click here to try a drink for yourself.