Salute the Summer! Libations Galore

This selection of thirst-sating drinks are alcohol-free, except for Hawaii-inspired Kona beer, and are ideal for picnics or even as cocktail mixes. We recommend these inspired NA concoctions over ice with favorite herbs and fruit.

First, transport yourself to Hawaii through a tall one:

Aloha to Flavorful KONA Beer
Inspired by the freshness and beauty of Hawaii, the Kona Brewing Company delivers Big Kahuna taste with Kona beer. Add a wedge of lime, lemon, or orange to make it your own as you soak up the sun and the Kona flavor.

The Zero Proof – Refreshing Alternatives

As the heat and the humidity rocket upwards and summer fun beckons, the demand for refreshing cocktail and beer alternatives that retain their flavor increases. According the the IWSR, the non-alcoholic drink industry is expected to rise by 25% between 2022 and 2026. Include these options on ice at your next backyard BBQ, picnic, boat trip, or beach day.

The Zero Proof offers refreshing and authentic non-alcoholic spirits, whether you prefer wine or gin or bourbon-inspired pours. Some of their best-selling summer beverages:

Lapo’s this non-alcoholic Negroni, offering a perfectly bittersweet taste, with notes of juniper and citrus, best enjoyed chilled from the can or over ice with an orange slice garnish.

Saint Viviana’s Sauvignon Blanc – A fresh, crisp non-alcoholic wine crafted through a year-long collaboration with top California winemakers and a master sommelier, awash with flavors of ripe orange, grapefruit, and melon with a touch of fresh herbs, followed by a dry palate of white peach and beautiful floral notes.

ISH offers a selection of ready-to-drink NA cocktails (Spritz, Mojito, Lime Daiquiri, G&T), Château del ISH (Sparkling Rosé), Château del ISH and Espumante (Sparkling Whites), and NA spirits (London Botanical, Mexican Agave, Caribbean Spiced Rum)

Oddbird – Blanc de Blancs Sparkling White Wine and Sparkling Rosé, which are available in cans for poolside splendor.

Stay hydrated in the best ways this summer.