Savor Healthier Spirits with SESH & Wild Tonic

Looking for the perfect adult beverage or health booster without the added calories or sugar? These two fantastic products have you covered. SESH and Wild Tonic are the perfect combination of drink choices when you want to indulge and keep up your health routine without comprising taste or quality.

SESH: Cocktail Meets Seltzer 
If you like a tasty cocktail or two (maybe more), but attempt to stay away from overloaded sugary and high-calorie cocktails or carb-heavy beer, then you need SESH: Cocktail Meets Seltzer. This beverage is perfect for those who like to have a cocktail without the guilt the next morning. SESH comes in four distinct flavors based on classic, fan-favorite cocktails: Gin & Tonic, Paloma, Mojito, and Moscow Mule. Each canned cocktail has been meticulously crafted to exemplify the experience of drinking a top-shelf cocktail. With zero sugar, gluten or preservatives and just 120 calories and a single gram of carbs, SESH is the perfect beverage for multiple occasions. Each of these distinctive drinks are ultra-flavorful, too.

SESH is created and co-founded by Zeke Bronfman, grandson of former Seagram CEO Edgar Bronfman Sr. Co-founder Nate Medow is a devoted athlete and Type 1 diabetic who longed for an alternative to the plethora of sugary, high-carb drinks on the market. The two entrepreneurs met in college and came up with the idea of SESH when they decided that consumers are too often forced to choose between authentic flavor or lower calories, carbohydrates, and sugar. Zeke was looking for a high-quality but accessible cocktail that was full in flavor, and Nate was determined to find a lighter and guilt-free adult beverage. The ambitious duo undertook substantial research and experimented with different equipment, ingredients and flavors in their dorm room, and eventually created their own beverage. SESH was born. A full 5% of sales from each purchase of SESH will go toward supporting a diabetes association.

SESH is available across New York and New Jersey and is available at Morton Williams, Westside Market, Total Wine, ShopRite, Wine Outlet and Buy Rite, among others. To find SESH near you, visit where you can use the online SESH Locator or have SESH delivered directly to your door. You can also follow SESH on social @drinksesh. Salute!

Wild Tonic
If you’re a kombucha enthusiast, then you’ll love Wild Tonic. This premium wellness drink is different than the typical kombucha you see on the market because instead of cane sugar, it’s fermented primarily with 100% pure honey to create a refreshing, smooth, and delicate flavor — unlike that pungent taste found with other kombuchas you may have tried. I found the beverage goes down easy, and you’ll have a variety of fantastic flavors to try! Over the last few years, honey-based Jun Kombucha has become much more popular and has even been classified as the champagne of kombucha.

The inception of Wild Tonic is interesting: founder Holly Lyman is a passionate encaustic artist known for her unique innovation and creativity, and was working with beeswax for many years until she discovered the art of fermentation. One day her love of painting with beeswax transformed into working with honey. Holly unexpectedly found herself fascinated with a rare ferment known as Jun. She brewed with this living culture daily and tried many experiments until she mastered the ancient art of Jun kombucha — and from that moment, Wild Tonic was created. Wild Tonic is a powerhouse drink rich in essential probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, amino acids and it also keeps you hydrated! There are no artificial flavorings or sulfites. Follow on social media platforms: Instagram @drinkwildtonic, Facebook @Wild Tonic, and Twitter @DrinkWildTonic. Sign up with email and get 10% off and free shipping on your next purchase. Nab your Wild Tonic at


Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
Telina Cuppari

Senior Staff Writer

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