Scoop and Spoon Oat Haus

Vanilla Oat Haus
Healthy, filling, and tasty. This isn’t the granola of your hippie mama. Welcome Oat Haus, a granola butter that satisfies all my morning, afternoon (and midnight) cravings. I slather this vegan and gluten-soy-dairy-nut-free on toast, drizzle over pancakes, or blend into my smoothies. I’ve been indulging on the Vanilla flavor, which is sweet and cozy. Dip homemade cupcakes into the Birthday Cake flavor– with rainbow sprinkles and cake-y notes! And if I’m pining for the autumnal snack, the Pumpkin Spice has my back, spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. I sometimes (without guilt) eat straight from the jar. And that’s okay with the healthy fats of rosemary oil and coconut oil — which makes it hard to stop dipping my golden spoon in the jar, over and over. Mhmm ,I just might be eating some as I type this. Just maybe. Pick up a jar or five on your next Whole Foods run or order here.