Simply Milk It

At first, it was exciting when everything became milk, but then it became all a bit extra. Enter simplicity. Mooala, a leading maker of USDA-organic, plant-based milks, and creamers, just introduced three-ingredient organic Almondmilk and Oatmilk.

They’re made from filtered water, organic oats (or almonds), and sea salt. That’s it. There are no gums, oils, or additives. And since they’re USDA-certified, you’re avoiding GMOs, herbicides, preservatives, and toxic chemicals. Plus, they’re shelf-stable. Hey, make it even easier on yourself by ordering these clean-ingredient milks from Amazon as you sit on your sofa. You can also feel good because Mooala, as a company, strongly emphasizes regenerative farming.

Give the carton a good, solid shake, and you’ll enjoy a creamy oat or almond milk in your smoothie or coffee. In a complicated world, a simple, wholesome milk is very much appreciated.