Summer Wellness Staples: Caulipower’s Gluten-Free, Veggie-Powered Pizza 

If you think giving up gluten means depriving oneself of life’s greatest pleasures, think again. No one, even the most hardcore devotee of wellness and clean eating, deserves the torture of never again enjoying a slice of pizza, whether it’s the simple perfection of basil-topped Margherita or the more indulgent truffle and pepperoni-topped versions. In this summer wellness series, I’ve curated a list of delicious gluten-free, sugar-free alternatives to the snacks, sweets and condiments that we love so we don’t feel deprived of our favorite comfort foods and pizza is no different, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include pizza.

Sure, there are recipes for alternate crusts made of sweet potatoes, eggplant, flax seeds, but there’s this thing called texture. Better yet, a symphony of textures yielded by hand-stretched, oven-fired crust which is at first a bit crispy, followed by a chewiness that pays off the goeeyness of melted cheese and the rich sauce, one that ersatz versions rarely manage to deliver. There are even crust-free versions, but why though… 

That was the conundrum faced by Gail Becker, a mom whose sons were both diagnosed with celiac disease – the very real autoimmune disorder in which the proteins in gluten wreak havoc and cause terrible pain in the digestive tract. It’s these proteins that give bread and pasta the elastic texture and structure that allow for both the crustiness and chewiness so central to a satisfying bite into a warm slice right out of the oven.

As moms are wont to do, the founder of Caulipower crowdsourced the best hacks and alternatives for a gluten-free lifestyle – her son’s lives depended on it. In the process, Gail stumbled upon the humble, unsuspecting power of a vegetable some think is the most bland (pun intended) – the Cauliflower. And Caulipower was born, and has since expanded into a full-line of frozen pizzas, standalone cauliflower crusts, pizza bites, chicken tenders and pastas.

In a base of other gluten-free flours, fresh ingredients like olive oil and eggs, the cauliflower provides a reliable and nutritious base for layers of sauce, cheese and toppings sans preservatives, gluten and dairy. For the ambitious with foodie aspirations, the standalone Cauliflower Pizza Crusts (2 per package) allows recipes for the most picky eaters. Just add sauce, toppings, and pop into a 425F pre-heated oven in the middle rack – no pizza stone needed – or on the grill. In approximately 15 minutes, a custom made pie is ready to devour. Crispy crust and on point toppings, it’s remarkably close to the real thing minus the pool of oil that needs dabbing away with more than a few napkins.

For those who appreciate the pronounced convenience of ready-to-eat pizza, Caulipower offers several traditional recipes with the added bonus of wood-fired cauliflower-based crust for a savory, toothsome experience. Reminiscent of our local pizzeria faves, options include Margherita, nitrate-free Pepperoni , Veggie, Cheese Lovers, and White (alfredo-Sauce with spinach). Similar to the stand alone crust, all it takes is 15 min on the middle rack in a preheated oven or until the cheese melts for a satisfying, preservative-free main.

More demanding culinary palettes will gravitate to the Over the Top line of pizzas. With the same wood-fired crust, the flavor profiles include a tomato sauce-free Trufflicious Mushroom and Spicy Chicken Sausage with a drizzle of hot honey. 

Inspired by the quaint pizzerias in Roma and personal, rustic versions they serve, the Pizza Roma line sources ingredients imported from Italy f. Both Pizza Roma Margherita with Pesto and Mushroom and Caramelized Onions use recipes that date back centuries without the gluten. If the tastes of the old country are not as appealing to kids looking to nosh with friends in front of the tv, the Pizza Bites will be the crowd pleasers no one would ever expect of being gluten free. In classic Uncured Pepperoni and Four Cheese, the baked, never fried, treats feature the cauliflower crust stuffed with mozzarella, uncured pepperoni and red sauce, or red sauce and asiago-parmesan blend respectively. The Bites can be thrown in the oven or the air-fryer for a super quick cook time.

Also air-fryer-friendly, gluten-free, and chock full of real ingredients are the Caulipower Chicken Nuggets, Bites, and Tenders. Available in Spicy and Dill, blended from real antibiotic-free chicken breast, herbs, spices and baked, not fried, in a crispy cauliflower and chickpea flour crust, these high protein bites rival if not best the widely-known fast-food versions. Perfect for entertaining or a quick lunch, they lend themself to dipping in a variety of healthy sauces and condiments curated here to compliment the gluten-free wellness-minded meal solutions that harness the power of real food for maximum nutrition and taste.


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