The Health Benefits of Ancient Foods – Modernized

Some foods have been nourishing humankind for as long as we’ve been recording our collective experiences: olive oil, honey, nuts, tea, and herbs, to name a few from Mother Nature’s bounty. We’re grateful for these offerings now more than ever, and these two brands, Ancient Foods and Setton Farms Pistachios, should be on your radar as brands with ingredient integrity and tasty products for snacking and cooking:

The Ancient Foods brand is exactly what we need in this time of heightened mindfulness about our health, nutritious cooking, and quality foods. Touting “1000 year-old trees make the healthiest olive oil,” their Keros Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an early fresh press olive oil in a new format. Since the world is cooking at home, why not enjoy the best? These 3L tins of exceptional organic extra virgin olive oil are derived from ancient trees in all of their glory and goodness: read more HERE.

The Greek Olive Oil bundle box from Ancient Foods features Keros Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Vordonia, Greece and Edafos Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sitia, Greece. Keros is elegant and complex, with a rich, grassy nose and hints of fresh herbs, and a round, buttery, peppery finish. Edafos is fresh & fruity, with a smooth citrus finish. Compare and contrast their unique flavors over steamed or grilled veggies, fish, and favorite salads. Read more HERE.

The Ancient Foods Irini Organic Honey is crafted by generations of beekeepers on the monastic land of Crete and infused with thyme. The hot, dry, mountainous climate of this island creates some of the world’s most intense and flavorful herbs to add to this exquisite honey. The Ilia Forest and Thyme Honey from the wild forests and roaming hives of Vordonia, means “from the sun,” which sustains the herbs and forest on this mountainous region. Naturally gluten-fee.

Ancient Foods also offers organic herbs and teas from Crete, as well as awesome gift sets for dads and grads! Visit

Setton Farms takes their pistachios into whole new realms of snack deliciousness, with flavors such as Salt & Pepper, Chili Limon, Chipotle BBQ, Jalapeno, Garlic Onion. They’re de-shelled, have no artificial flavors or preservatives, are non-GMO and California grown, gluten-free, vegan, high in protein, and kosher parve. They’re roasted and packed using renewable energy, too. Support this excellent, Earth-friendly brand! Visit and read more about ALL of their great products. If you’re going to be snacking at home and binge-watching, you might as well snack on delectable, healthy pistachios to derive all of their health benefits. Order these at Amazon:

To your health!