Update Your Coffee Game in 2024

I have used the same one-serving drip coffee maker forever, and the same stained mug for too long. One of my resolutions is to finally update my coffee and accessories in 2024. Check out these products to help kickstart your coffee days in the new year:

EspressoWorks has a great All-In-One espresso machine that comes complete with everything you need to make espresso except the coffee. Since I had none of these accessories, it was great to open the box and have everything at my fingertips. You get two white espresso cups, a coffee bean grinder, a milk frother attachment, and a holder. In addition, the machine includes a cleaner for the milk frother attachment. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully, because although it seems simple, it is important that the coffee attachment is in the right position. The first time I tried it, it was loose and let us just say I created a mess with wet coffee grounds. Once I got the hang of it, there has not been a day that I have not made an espresso drink.

To update your coffee mugs, try the nice, large mug from Central Perk Coffee. The Logo Boston Mug with a lobster on one side, is very sturdy and keeps your coffee warm longer than most others. I also like the black design because it does not show stains like my white ones. Although the store is in Boston, you can order the mug and some of Central Perk’s great coffee. Central Perk has six different artisanal quality coffees made with high quality premium Arabica beans. There are also some limited-edition coffees, such as Friendsgiving Pumpkin Spice, that I love.

If you are in a hurry or just want to make coffee on the go, Cusa Coffee is for you in 2024. This is not the instant coffee of years ago, Cusa Coffee does not sacrifice taste for convenience. It comes in a variety of flavors in handy packets that make it easy for traveling or taking to work. Just add hot water and your coffee is ready. Adjust the amount of water to make the coffee the right strength for you. There are Light, Medium, and Dark Roast, as well as flavors including Mocha, Dirty Chai, and Vanilla Dark Roast. Visit https://www.drinkcusa.com.