“Stiff and Sore” Muscle Massage Cream

Kathleen Lewis creates her own line of handmade, 100% natural products. She has created a massage cream, “Stiff and Sore”, for tired, tight muscles that will penetrate deep into the skin for fast relief. Kathleen’s triathlete husband and later her daughter following in her father’s footsteps, became huge fans of her cream. They couldn’t keep it to themselves any longer, it was just that good, so Kathleen decided to package and sell it.

“Stiff and Sore” is very supple and absorbed well into my skin. It’s all natural. This formula has Arnica and more. I’ve always used Arnica gel (a homeopathic remedy for stiffness, bruising after a sports injury) on my bumps and bruises. It speeds up the healing process reducing inflammation and discoloration. It also contains comfrey, aloe vera gel, grapeseed oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil. All these ingredients contribute to soothing, overworked, aching muscles.

I, too have become a fan of “Stiff and Sore.” It’s my remedy after a hard workout. I had some pain in my shoulder caused from inflammation. I rubbed in “Stiff and Sore” and it reduced the inflammation giving me almost instant relief.

If you have achy, tight muscles, or know someone who does, “Stiff and Sore” is worth a shot to give some much needed relief. A great stocking stuffer or practical gift this holiday season.

1 oz. container is $8.00.
4 oz. container is $25.00

You can order by calling 718-625-4052 or email Kathleen at: writekathleen@aol.com

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