3 Mountains Global Sarilla Tea: Rwandan Goodness for Health

The 3 Mountains organization is a woman-owned company in Ashville, NC that provides ethically sourced tea from Rwanda. Committed to social justice and world peace, they offer Tima Tea in a variety of loose leaf teas and Sarilla Sparkling Teas, in addition to being part of the Healing Exchange Nonprofit Foundation. 3 Mountains is a Fair Trade company and supports Earth-safe practices and builds personal relationships with its trading partners.

These healthy and refreshing teas will invigorate you and also make a positive difference in the world.

Sarilla Sparkling Energy Teas are ready to drink and SOFI-Award winning. Made in the USA with whole-leaf fair trade certified tea from Rwanda, their 4 flavors include Sparkling White Tea with Ginger, Sparkling Black Tea with with Lemon, Sparkling Black Tea with Apple Juice, Sparkling Green Tea with Hibiscus. These tasty beverages are pesticide free, plant based, vegan, gluten free, and BPA-free. Their plant-based energy will power you through workouts without artificial ingredients and refined sugar. Order them HERE.

Tima Tea – Loose Leaf Tea
Tima Tea is sustainably grown, ethically-sourced and hand-harvested. Pesticide-free, Earth-safe, fair trade certified, Rwandan tea. Teas include silver needles, white tip, black, green, white, and a tulsi-lemongrass herbal blend. Part of the Spirit of Resilience – partnering with non-profit AHA / Healingexchange.org. Direct from Rwanda, this is part of the Conscious Commerce Movement. You can read more and order at DrinkTimeTea.com.

More About 3 Mountains
3 Mountains funds women’s empowerment in Rwanda and helps 100,000 families live a life outside of poverty. Their premium quality, pure, and distinct African tea is organically grown in the rich soil of high elevation in Rwanda. Plastic free, their tea has more antioxidants than bagged tea. Bonus: their teas are super flavorful!


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