A Power Duo for (Mental) Health & Fitness

Who wouldn’t want to be in optimal shape and free of fears — even those typical ones that hamper most of us? (cough, cough, public speaking). Here are two things that can truly change your life if you take them to heart:

Day in and out, we sit at desks as we work. FluidStance wants change that – or at least get you surfing and balancing when you’re finished at your desk. The idea is simple and fun: stand on FluidStance’s Plane Cloud when you’re working at your computer – or for a break — and enjoy effortless balance boosting and core-building. The Plane is easy to clean with warm water and soap and comes with a mat and storage stand, too. It balances up to 200 lbs, and a portion of FluidStance’s income is earmarked for First Descents, a company devoted to providing free adventure experiences to people with cancer (Firstdescents.org). Order The Plane at https://www.fluidstance.com and stay balanced. This is truly a fun way to work out. #keepmoving

Are you afraid of snakes or spiders? Dental procedures? Flying or heights?… Anything at all? Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom by Kalliope Barlis is an international bestseller and the very best guide you’ll find for overcoming your fears and living the life you deserve. It offers practical, step-by-step instructions you can follow, too. Learn the true cause of your fears, reverse them, and visualize the future you desire to create a new reality for yourself. Kalliope Barlis delivers in-house trainings for Fortune 500 clients and has a private practice in New York City. Order this book for yourself and/or for .la friend or family member at Buildingyourbest.com.

May you revel in both health and fitness!