A Superpower Smile from Every Angle with Co. By Colgate Products

Co. By Colgate launched in 2021 with a full suite of innovative oral care and teeth-brightening products that will put a smile on your face.

Here are some of our favorites:

The CO.Worker from Colgate-Palmolive cleans your teeth as a high-end mechanic would fine-tune a vintage Jaguar, i.e. with expert care. Choose your mode: Squeaky Clean‘s high intensity and speed, Sparkle‘s high intensity vibrations in combo with pulsating action, Sensitive mode for extra gentleness, or Self-Care, which is a downright indulgent rotation of all three modes. Cleaning your teeth has never been this fun. The battery life lasts 15 days, the rechargeable set comes with two brush heads.

The TLC Toothbrush Kit massages and revitalizes gums and also comes with two brush heads for long-lasting use. The handle is reusable and the heads are replaceable (recommended: every 3 months). Savor a high-foaming, deep clean feel with this innovative new toothbrush.

Pair it with the Co. Oh So Glowing gel toothpaste in Forever Mint with charcoal for gentle, effective whitening and some heavy duty anti-cavity, anti-gingivitis, and anti-sensitivity action. You will looooove the CO. Later, Stains – Sweet Mint mouth rinse since it provides a quick breath freshener and whitening all in one quick swish of the rinse. Ideal for traveling, on-site work meetings, pre-Zoom meetings, and for carrying purse or pocket on a sizzling hot date.

The Co. to Go Fresh Mint anti-cavity toothpaste tabs with fluoride are enamel-safe, gluten free, and vegan, contain 60 tabs, and are about the size of an aspirin. Keep a few in your purse or wallet when traveling or for mouth-to-mouth occasions.

Co. It’s Lit is a veritable stroke of genius – simply apply this click-and-brush-on whitening serum to your teeth every night, and let it work its magic while you slumber. Wake up to your megawatt smile. After 14 nights/two weeks you should see a definite difference in. your smile voltage. Enamel safe, vegan, sugar- and gluten-free.

More than 200 years of creating breakthrough oral care products means you can trust this brand to be cutting-edge effective. Say “Cheese” for your selfie! On August 14th, Co. by Colgate will launch in more than 300 select CVS stores across the country in partnership with CVS’s Beauty Advisor, so find these at your favorite CVS store. Follow: @co.colgate / and visit co.colgate.com.