Achieve Optimal Health with These Game-Changing Supplements

Keep your immune system, skin, mind and energy in check with these powerful supplements this winter.

Dr. Kellyann the acclaimed creator of the Bone Broth Revolution has produced the ultimate hero supplement for your gut and skin BellaBiotics. This fantastic double duo of prebiotics and probiotics successfully nourishes your belly while feeding your skin on both the inside and outside. If you didn’t know your skin health is directly linked to your gut health. What BellaBiotics strives to do is transform your microbiome which then rejuvenates and restores your skin as the result of a healthy gut. This once-a day capsule contains only four ingredients that are all clinically tested and vegetarian.
Lactobacillus paracasei: Aids the digestive system and generates a strong environment for good bacteria to flourish.

Lactococcus lactis: Helps to increase the moisture in your skin, particularly on your face and your cheeks resulting in radiant glow.
Agatri Korean Mint: An anti-aging antioxidant herb specifically used to support digestion, headaches, and even fevers.
Dermaval: A combination of phytonutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that’s been clinically shown to keep healthy levels of collagen and elastin.

Together they reestablish your beauty from the core, and rebuild your skin’s youthful elasticity. As with any supplement you will not see the magic happen overnight. It takes some time. But the longer you do use BellaBiotics, you will notice the long-term beauty effects and even better the digestive benefits! Not only did my skin look fresher, I even felt lighter. To learn more about BellaBiotics and to see more of Dr. Kellyann’s amazing products, go HERE.

Alchemi Mushrooms 
The mushroom craze is real and Alchemi Mushrooms are here to prove it. Known as the one of the powerhouse supplements, mushrooms have been used for centuries for their amazing health benefits and healing properties. At Alchemi the company maintains to produce high quality products that elevate mood, maximize cognition, support sustainable energy levels and improve your overall well-being. These exceptional mushrooms are potent and made with the highest quality of natural, superfood ingredients. Not to mention they are all organic, vegan, gluten-free and Non-GMO. This dynamic trio will meet all your needs for living your best life and feeling marvelous.

Clear Mind – Stay sharp and focused all day without the afternoon caffeine jolt. This uplifting lion’s mane mushroom blend takes care to keep your mental clarity and mood stabilized.
Energy Balance – Formulated with cordyceps mushrooms, matcha green tea, and stimulating herbs that will give you natural long-lasting energy so you can feel alert and vigorous all day. This particular cordyceps blend contains 12mg of caffeine and also supports endurance for longer workouts and healthy muscle recovery.
Immune Shield – Created with three of the most effective immune supporting and anti-aging mushrooms and vitamin D that will keep you protected and revived. These mushrooms also aid in detoxification and gut health.

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