Anima Mundi for a Healthful New Year

Everything starts at the cellular level. What we drink, eat, consume impacts our health. And this is the time of year where eating cakes, cookies, and all the calories left my body bloated (and probably a few pounds over my ideal weight). I head to the kitchen and pull out my Anima Mundi products, created by Costa Rican herbalist Adriana Ayales. She focuses on wellness and herbal remedies, so everything is all natural and good for you. Their mission is to heal the world from the inside out, and their values of sustainability are found through their recycled glass elixir bottles, biodegradable labels, and brass tea strainers (which I adore to steep the beautiful teas they offer!)

Belly Love Kit
I start with Happy Belly Powder. This blend of cranberry, hibiscus, Garcinia Cambogia, and ginger is detoxifying to all the gunk in the gut. I sprinkle this over my morning oatmeal and scoop a bit into my berry smoothies. It also aids in boosting my metabolism and I’ve found myself having less cravings.

Speaking of aiding in cravings, I drop a bit of Healing Jungle Bitters into a glass of warm water when I’m wanting something sweet. I add a bit of lemon and honey and boom: cravings, be gone! I feel lighter and notice bloating decreasing the more I take it. I tend to have this before any bigger meals in the day. The star ingredient is Quassia, which has been used in South America for digestive issues, fevers, and liver troubles for centuries! I’m glad to know this little bottle is filled with ancient wisdom.

At night if I want something warm to drink I tend to reach for Golden Sun Milk. This mix is spicy and warm in flavor, with turmeric, maca, and cordyceps that share good-for-gut properties. I’ll add a bit of honey and use coconut milk as my base for a dairy-free latte that won’t keep me up all night!

Three Teas + Brass Strainer
If I desire some tea, Anima Mundi has that too! I’m a huge fan of their Calm tea. The ashwagandha in here helps my mind to ease into a state of peace along with the rose and chamomile. I boil a cup in the evening, especially after a tiresome day from school or work. I’m able to spend some time mindfully sipping and taking in all the fragrant smells. Or if I’m looking for a night of memorable dreams, I’ll steep Dream tea. Said to help in lucid dreaming I’ve experienced the most dreamful sleep in a while. The passionflower, blue lotus, and skullcap all make for a beautiful brew that effects last all night long.

Plants are medicine and Anima Mundi has harnessed their powers into easy to use items that will line my kitchen cupboards.