Antidote: Chocolate That Loves You Back

Not all chocolate is created equal… some is healthier, some have a more delicious flavor, some are truly inspired in their chocolate pairings when it comes to ingredients, and some are simply better for you. Antidote Chocolate is all of those things, and more.

Antidote Chocolate bars will razzle-dazzle the tongue and energize the body. They’re loaded with nourishing cacao, which contributes to de-stressing and lifting your mood. Creativity is deeply embedded in this brand’s DNA, fusing inventive ingredients much like a DJ mixing and meshing your favorite songs. For example, Anise + Tomato Chocolate. You know you have to taste that, right? They’ve been up to this artful chocolate pairing since their inception in 2010. Some genuine bonuses: they use less sugar, more of the good-for-you cacao, and Antidote is also a woman-owned company.

Check out their creative chocolate blends for you or for Holiday 2022, or both. Their Antidote 12 Pack includes all of their chocolate. Perfect for a gift to a quality chocolate lover, and it ships in a beautiful orange-red case/box to deliver extra joy.

Includes one of each:
QUEEN O: Orange + Earl Grey 70%
QUEEN Q: Quinoa Crunch 70%
QUEEN T: Anise + Tomato 70%
ARTEMIS: Almond + Fennel Seeds 73%
KAKIA: Coffee + Cardamom 73%
HYBRIS: Mango + Juniper Berry 73%
ALETHEIA: Ginger 77%
HEBE: Rose Salt + Lemon 77%
HESTIA: Banana + Cayenne 77%
GAIA: Naked 84%
PANAKIEA: Lavender + Red Salt 84%
EXPLORER: Classic with a hint of salt 56%

You can find other boxes and packs of chocolate to suit your taste and budget. Antidote’s Arriba Nacional cacao beans are sourced directly from farmer co-ops and small farms that use organic practices. All other ingredients are carefully selected for quality and flavor and are also organic whenever possible. Gluten Free | Kosher.

Pair Antidote chocolates with flowers and quality coffee and/or a great book for a Holiday gift. Shop HERE and make someone happy, including yourself.


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