Beekeeper’s Naturals for Sweet Immunity: Bio-Hacking with Bees

These products from Canada’s Beekeeper’s Naturals are naturally sourced, obsessively tested, and are caffeine-free. They harness the power of honey and/or propolis, royal jelly, and bee pollen to deliver heightened immunity, natural energy, and more:

B*LXR Brain Fuel with Royal Jelly
Improve focus and memory with this natural nootropic dietary supplement that contains ginkgo biloba (400mg), royal jelly (500mg), and bacopa monnieri (300mg). The slogan for this product is BEE = MC-squared, and it’s true: this imparts natural energy and focus. Ideal for tackling large work or home projects, studying, or anything that requires sustained focus and health.

B.Immune Throat Spray
Reach for this effective gift-from-the-bees when you feel a familiar scratch, cough, or mass building in your throat. Especially useful in Fall/Winter, this contains 85mg of Bee Propolis Extract in 4 sprays. Use only once daily to stave off incoming colds with sweet-tasting pure propolis power.

B. Powered Superfood Honey
This B. Powered Superfood Honey spread contains Bee Propolis Extract (42mg), Royal Jelly (370mg), and Bee Pollen (530mg). Take 1 teaspoon per day to reap the benefits of bee-work. This thick elixir is fantastic alone on a spoon or when slathered on a piece of toast. Bolster your energy level with this medicinal-grade, immune-supporting honey made with antioxidants and other potent natural ingredients.