Best Bet: Protection + Pleasure with Willa Trojan

The women behind America’s #1 Trusted Condom, Trojan, have just recently introduced a new line to the famous brand. Say hello to Willa. This is Trojan’s first line of products that help celebrate, embrace, and explore women’s sexuality. Trojan Willa strives to make all sexual experiences worth your while.  

Trojan Willa Ribbed Condoms
Produced with premium quality latex, this design includes deep ribbing at the base and end to build friction and increase pleasure. For many, this definitely spices things up between the sheets. Enhance and maximize your experience with Willa Ribbed protection that is made to lessen the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. 

Trojan Willa Vibrator
This contraption may be small but in this case, size does not matter as this vibrator was solely designed with one thing in mind: its precision tip is designed for maximum pleasure, pinpointing just the right spot for you. With three different speeds to choose from, the control is in your hands — so depending how you feel, you at least have options. Battery is included so the Willa Vibrator comes perfectly packed and ready to go.

Trojan Willa Lubricant
This unscented, water-based personal lubricant is versatile, as it is safe to use with condoms and sex toys. Trojan Willa Lubricant is made with Vitamin E to help keep skin smooth and infused with hydrating aloe, which will keep your intimate skin content. Cater to your liking and use as much or as little as you please. There are no restrictions.

Get ready to have some fun and find your Willa products at