Best New Supplements for Your Pandemic Summer

During these trying times, stress levels have been on the rise. Being in confinement for three months with uncertainty about the future has taken its toll on each of us. One way I’ve learned to find balance is by taking the right supplements to support my body and mind. 

The importance of a healthy gut has come to the forefront of health news in recent years because research has shown how sound intestines protect us from infection, strengthen our immune system, and help prevent inflammation and other imbalances. However, researchers have discovered that most over-the-counter probiotics aren’t strong enough to reach your gut in order to do their good work. This is what led Ancient Nutrition to create a superior line of SBO (soil based organism) Probiotics. Not only are soil-based organisms able to seed the digestive track with beneficial bacteria, but these bacteria can generally survive the journey through the stomach to the intestines. The new collection of soil-based organism probiotics is also enriched with fermented super foods, herbs, and mushrooms that have been researched for their beneficial health value. 

Created by  Dr. Josh Axe, D.N.M., C.N.S., D.C., founder of Ancient Nutrition and author of the best-selling books Keto Diet and Collagen Diet, the collection includes a line specifically tailored to women: Ancient Nutrition Women’s SBO Probiotics with 25 billion shelf-stable CFUs per serving. It supports healthy energy and reduces fatigue and helps reduce the effects of stress and promotes a positive mindset.

Ancient Nutrition SBO Probiotics Ultimate contain 50 billion shelf-stable CFUs per serving and Ancient Nutrition SBO Probiotics Gut Restore includes 25 billion shelf-stable CFUs per serving. Besides supporting healthy digestive and immune system function, they enable a healthy bowel transit time with less constipation, gas and bloating.Take three capsules on an empty stomach, either when you first wake up or right before bed.

“Our SBO Probiotics are made with SBOs plus prebiotics and postbiotics, leading to a “trifecta approach” that supports absorption and retention and can help to support overall digestion, a healthy immune system and healthy levels of inflammation” says Dr Axe. “They can play a role in absorption of other essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, B vitamins and more. Unlike many others on the market, our probiotics are shelf-stable and can survive higher temperatures and a harsh environment (such as bile and stomach acid).”

Learn more about this superior brand at

With all the stress in the air since the pandemic started, you may love to unwind with Nature’s Bounty recently launched line of Stress Comfort gummies. Nature’s Bounty  Stress Comfort Mood Booster promotes a positive mood and calms feelings of stress with saffron, gaba, and lemon balm. The gummies taste amazing – sweet but not too sweet – with a wild berry taste. The 100% drug-free mood boosting formula contains gaba to help relax the mind and saffron extract to support a positive outlook. Lemon balm is the third ingredient that promotes a uplifted mood. Nab it HERE.

Have you suffered from insomnia lately? If so, try Nature’s Bounty Stress Comfort Peaceful Dreams, which promotes a relaxed mind for restful sleep with melatonin, gaba, and lavender.The blueberry lavender gummies are tasty; try a few before heading to bed, so as to unwind and achieve uninterrupted, restorative sleep. Each serving of Nature’s Bounty Stress Comfort Gummies contains 5mg of melatonin, an ingredient that works with your body’s natural sleep cycle to support restful sleep. With no artificial flavors, colors and gluten, you can order it HERE.

De-stress with Nature’s Bounty Stress Comfort Peace of Mind formula. Marigold contains lutein and zeaxanthin to provide support to help you cope with stress. Passion flower was added to soothe tension in this delicious mango pineapple blend of flavored gummies. See how you feel after trying this! The collection is 100% drug-free. Find it HERE.