Better Than Barefoot


Walking barefoot is grounding and feels great but there are times when feet benefit from the extra protection that quality footwear provides. The Motus Flex for women is a flex for your feet, providing a firm grounding experience that won’t trip you up during your yoga, primal movement, or calisthenics routine. In addition to using my Motus Flex during my exercise routine, I find that these trainers are a great driving shoe.

To put it bluntly—this trainer is decidedly different. Vivobarefoot’s Motus Flex trainer is lightweight and minimalist in design, thereby eliminating the clunky, restrictive feeling one gets with traditional athletic footwear. This better-than-barefoot footwear features a single knitted upper with a slender sole, enabling natural, agile movement during standing or floor exercise routines.

In some ways, Motus Flex seems like an amalgamate of gripper slipper socks, trainers, and ballet flats. They feel comfy and nonrestrictive while providing firm, grippy support on smooth surfaces. If you crave natural-feeling foot support during Downward Dog and other yoga poses, Motus Flex is a fitting footwear choice.



Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

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