BodyRok Pilates to Energize

For more energy and to improve your metabolism, try a revamped pilates BodyRok workout at the new BodyRok Studio at Union Square.

Not only will you feel full of energy post-workout, but you’ll notice how your middle section is more sculpted, and how trim your arms look. In only 40 minutes and using a reformer (which is a special custom-made rolling machine), your body is challenged, forcing underused muscles to perform to the task and strengthen. Movements include lunge, squeeze, pike, and jump. Unlike other workouts that can leave you exhausted, this pilates-based challenge stimulates your metabolism and renders your body stronger and more resistant, without pain.

The official BodyRok launch in May was made in collaboration with live-streaming workout platform, JetSweat and CoverGirl Athletic Apparel, Elite Cryo Lounge, GT’s Kombucha, Verb Products, Hyperice, TELETIES, boost, Naturally Serious Skin, Kali Bozes, Cryofuel and Koral.

BODYROK’s newest NYC location is on 113 E. 12th Street, Union Square.
Classes range from $20-$35 per session and run 40-50 minutes.

Union Square Location – 10 Class Pack $225
Union Square Location – Introductory 1 Month Unlimited $229
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