Bolster Immunity with Dr. Formulas

A gummy a day keeps the doctor away, thanks to Dr. Formulas Immunity Support Gummies and its Nexabiotic Immune Support Lozenges. Tasty and great for everyone in the family, they’re useful these days! According to The Chicago Tribune, there is research to support that elderberry gummies are effective in combatting H1N1 and other common strains of the flu virus. On average, if taken as soon as you experience symptoms, elderberry gummies can cut symptom duration in half.

These products and the others from Dr. Formulas contain premium nutrition and natural ingredients — they’re doctor formulated with vitamins & supplements, and can be delivered quickly. They’re also manufactured in a FDA-inspected & approved facility, so check them out:

Dr.Formulas Immune Support Gummies contain elderberry, zinc, vitamin C and is devoid of artificial sweeteners. The mixed berry flavor is delicious. Take two gummies a day to bolster your immune system.

Nexabiotic Immune Support Lozenges contain probiotics, vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry, and are great for both adults and children.

The Dr. formulas Hand Sanitizer contains 70% alcohol, aloe vera, vitamin E and witch hazel for ensuring your hands are sanitized as you go about your day. Available in purse or pocket size, you can also stash these in your car

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