Bolster Your Feelings with Moodygirl Chocolate

Moodygirl Dark Chocolate is a dark chocolate collection suited to your emotions. Want to de-stress? Try the Moodygirl Dark Chocolate Chill Out (with Mint & Chip dark chocolate). How about powering your libido? Take a bite of the Moodygirl Dark Chocolate Libido Lover. Suffering from PMS blues? Moodygirl Dark Chocolate For That Time of the Month is here to make you feel better.

The Moodygirl Dark Chocolate Variety Pack contains three chocolate bars to help you feel yourself or perk up in the moment. All 2-oz bars are 68% dark chocolate that is sustainably sourced from Ecuador, and made with organic cacao, organic cacao butter, and organic coconut sugar. Paleo, vegan, gluten free, they contain no soy or refined sugar and are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The Moodygirl Chill Out chocolate bar is infused with ashwagandha, magnesium & mint Oil. 
The Moodygirl Libido Lover is infused with maca, horney goat weed and raspberry oil.
The Moodygirl For That Time of the Month is infused with magnesium & vitamin B6 to support your PMS symptoms. 

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Moodygirl Chocolate was founded recently in April 2020 by Leah Nierman with the goal of empowering women to feel confident about expressing their true sense of self. “We are strong believers in nourishing our bodies with superfoods that feed our soul. We want women to feel motivated to take control of the ingredients they put into their body. Our chocolate bars highlight the different moods women experience throughout life, everything from sassy to anxious to sexy.”

The collection helps you navigate your emotions more easily and nurture your positivity. “Moodygirl was created by women for women with 100% pure love from our kitchen to yours.”

Order this delicious, one-of-a-kind Moodygirl chocolate collection to support your emotions at


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