CBD Daydreams Come True

When life gets you down, just remember CBD can pick you back up. Here are some of my fav ways to integrate CBD into my daily routine. nama, a CBD edible company, has mastered the art of the gummies to put you in the best of moods. Founder Christopher Whelan — a survivor of cancer, lawyer-turned-businessman, and dog dad — decided the people needed a high quality CBD product with full transparency. Thus, nama was born.

sleep plus

Nighttime can be difficult for me, the anxiety of the day creeps up and keeps me staring at my ceiling. nama’s sleep plus is a gummy with 25mg of CBD, 2mg of THC and 3mg of melatonin. The gummy worked its magic in ten minutes as I felt my breathing calm and instant relaxation wash over me. The best part is that it has a sweet flavor of blackberry lavender. Eating a gummy has become one of my small joys during bedtime.

I’ve been testing out their sampler pack, which contains a whole host of gummies for every occasion in flavors like watermelon, strawberry, and even pink lemonade – there’s a little something for everybody. I took Anytime (10mg CBD), a lime flavored gummy, before heading outside to roller skate. A few minutes into my figure 8’s, I felt a sense of calm and relief. I knew nama was working its magic. I glided around the rink as the sun was setting and my body got lost in a sea of bliss. How could anything go wrong? I mean, I did fall shortly after, but Anytime kept me in a mellow mood. Nice.

Peach Honey Hemp Pre-Roll Joints

When I’m in the mood for a smoke session Peach Honey Hemp Pre-Roll Joints fit the bill. Peach Honey’s mission is to make life’s moments a little chiller, calmer, and gooier. Because why be stressed when you can just relax. I brought this cute box of pre-rolls to my friend’s before we headed to brunch. We lit up and chatted on the couch as her cat snuggled by my feet. The joint burned smoothly and had a pleasant feel (no coughing here!). I felt the 14% CBD work on me, making everything softer and clearing my mind. After smoking we headed out and my waffles tasted ten times better, thanks to Peach Honey!


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