Chirp Wheel+ For Easy At-Home Workouts

Sleepless nights, tension headaches, weight gain and downed spirits. Given that many of us are working from home, staying away from the gym, and enduring the stress of the times collectively and under one roof, we are experiencing less-than-desirable setbacks to our minds and bodies.

Looking for relief, I was intrigued to learn about the Chirp Wheel+, an innovative, conveniently- sized product designed to help with tension and lower-back relief all from the convenience of home. Sold individually or in a set of three, the Chirp Wheel+ can help to reduce tension, target problem areas, and open up your vertebrae. Sitting comfortably on the floor, simply lean back and place the Chirp Wheel+ against your back and in alignment with your spine. Then, lift your hips and rest hands on the floor, your body or on the wheel itself and allow yourself to roll back and forth on the wheel for anywhere from three to eight minutes a day.

Ingeniously, the product’s patent pending Spinal Canal™ and Compression Sensitive™ padding seem to know exactly where to put pressure on the spine and provide a relaxing and pain-relieving four-way stretch. After experiencing weeks of lower back pain and difficulty in getting up from sitting, I tried the Chirp Wheel+. At first, I was hesitant to fully relax and let myself go, but each day, I looked forward to using it and appreciated trying the different sized wheels depending on the reach of my pain. For me, the 6” deep tissue wheel was super effective on my troublesome lumbar region and neck.

Offering similar relief to visiting a chiropractor, the Chirp Wheel+ provides a more affordable way to practice good spine health, and on a daily basis. The Chirp Wheel+ is 100% PVC free and can hold up to 500 lbs. A great product that the whole family can use safely and enjoy. Seriously: pain and stress relief, and a good stretch from my own living room? Sign me up!

Available in three sizes:
12” Gentle Wheel, $65
10” Medium Wheel $55
6” Deep Tissue Wheel $45
Three Wheel Pack (all sizes) $99

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