Come Meet Alice Mushrooms

Brainstorm & Nightcap

Trying to focus is a paradox. The harder you try, the less you can actually hone in. Sometimes we need a little help, okay? And I found it in Alice Mushrooms. A chic, functional mushroom brand that centers around their toothsome dark chocolate – meaning all the medicinal benefits, none of the swirly psychedelic colors. Brainstorm is their chocolate infused with Lion’s Mane, which aids in neurogenesis development, and Cordyceps mushrooms that support blood-oxygen levels. Add in Guarana, a Brazilian caffeine berry for prolonged energy, and I was able to research, read, and write two essays all within an hour. I could barely get through 40-minute lectures without daydreaming about what I was going to eat after class. Alice Mushrooms brought the magic, and I wanted more.

Alice Crew

That evening, I popped a piece of Nightcap, their chocolate for deep sleep, in my mouth and headed off to dreamland. The properties of Reishi mushrooms aid in deeper sleep without drowsiness. Nightcap also includes supplements of magnesium, zinc, chamomile, and L-theanine for a rejuvenated feeling once the eye masks come off. The morning after, I knew I had to reach out to the founders Lindsay Goodstein and Charlotte Cruze. I had the privilege of sitting down with them (with my Alice Mushroom crew sweatshirt) and learning more about what spored Alice Mushrooms, and subsequently what’s to come in the world of fungi.

The two met via a mutual friend and chatted about working together before eventually meeting in person in NYC, not long after. Lindsay worked in pharma for some time. Realizing it wasn’t progressing in the way of data and beneficial outcomes, she took what she learned and applied it to wellness.

Charlotte found her start in digital media advertising and found a soft spot in food marketing. She enrolled in NYU’s Food Studies Master’s program to learn more about the way food can heal the body and how to educate the public on what they consume. They both hope to expand the knowledge of functional mushrooms with Alice Mushrooms and do so by donating a portion of each sale to The Hope Project, an organization that supports military spouses, female veterans, and military wives to counseling resources and community around psychedelic therapy. With each bite of Alice Mushrooms, there’s a person out there being healed, thanks to your purchase.

I can’t wait to see what else this dynamic duo does in the upcoming year and beyond!