Crave: Pleasure with Novel Design + Tech

Crave enables you to come as you are, pleasurably speaking. Crave’s perspective is that when people fully embrace their own pleasure, they can naturally lead richer, more expressive, empowered lives — and to that end, Crave has created a varied, eclectic line of ultra-modern vibrators that feature an exciting combination of edges, surfaces, and vibrations so as to explore a wide range of desires. Crave differs from its competition in that some of its models look like gorgeous jewelry and double as sleek necklaces. For example, the Vesper Vibrator Necklace comes in three colors (silver, rose gold, and 24K gold) and the body, tip, and chain is made of high polish 316 stainless steel, and it looks incredible. #VesperStyle on Instagram is definitely fun to follow for style inspiration.

How Do They Work?
Hassle-free and environmentally-friendly, the metal base of these vibrators detaches and plugs into any standard USB port to recharge so it’s ready to go when you are. Great for traveling, since you can literally wear it around your neck, or slip it into your purse. Inventively designed by co-founder Ti Chang (social – @DesignerTi), they’re truly unique in both the vibrator and jewelry realm. Crave’s women-lead team design and develop all of their products in an advanced R&D facility in San Francisco, and their products reflect quality, elegance and pleasure.

Why Else Do We Love Crave?
Here is their insight: “It’s 2022, and there’s still a haunting specter hanging over sex and pleasure, particularly women’s pleasure. When we talk about pleasure, it’s usually tongue-in-cheek or laced with a heavy dose of shame. Real conversations typically happen in whispers, but this is precisely where stigma thrives. So, in addition to building great products, we do projects that create, instigate, and inspire conversation around pleasure. We think it’s time to turn up the volume.”

Choose your favorite modern style from these waterproof, artful gifts for you or someone else you want to please. You can buy a gift card here. Pick up the leather carrying case, too, and let Crave make your 2022 all the better. Enjoy a 30 day return policy, a one-year warranty, and five-year coverage for troubleshooting. This is a brand that cares about your happiness, so delve in!


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