Crunchy Granola Girl’s Guide to the Outdoors

Snow has melted and the call of the wild whistles in the wind, beckoning some time outdoors! Here are some of my favs to make hiking/lake swimming/nature thriving more fun this spring:

It Just Works Deodorant

First to get the body feeling and looking right, I pop It Just Works Deodorant capsules first thing in the morning. These vegan capsules are filled with green goodness to deodorize the body (so less stink while hiking and more fresh body scent!) Organic parsley leaf will purify the body systems: bowels, blood, and liver. Organic peppermint leaf contains vitamins A, B2, C, zinc, calcium, copper, and magnetism to assist in freshening the body from within. Sodium copper chlorophyllin (what makes plants green) cleanses the bowels and blood and provides oxygenation to the body, wich is ideal for a healthy immune system. I took two a day for the past week and noticed my armpits are scentless… And trust me, I am a girl who enjoys a good sweat (just not the funk). It Just Works Deodorant just works. Scentless hikes, here I come!

Festival Blanket

Warm weather means days by the lake or shore. And the best towel and blanket I found is from Nomadix. Their Festival Blanket has my back (literally!) with a soft-touch micro-suede. It’s large enough for the whole crew and even a picnic, plus it is water resistant so no soggy blanket to carry. The product is completely sand and pet hair resistant. After a day by the lake I can say I had trouble knocking off dirt or my dog’s hair. This blanket is good for the environment too, made from 58 recycled water bottles and doesn’t take up too much space in my bag.

Original Towel

After my swim I reach for the Original Towel in the Copacabana Fuchsia print, a juicy orange and red wavy vibe. This towel does it all. Hella absorbent and dries 4x faster than any regular beach towel, meaning no weird smell left behind, especially if I forget it in the trunk of my car. Just like the blanket, it’s also made from plastic bottles: 30 to be exact. Nomadix should be on your radar for adventures this spring and summer.

Barrage Technical Shell

For a nature fit, try Coalatree’s jacket and pants, the dress code approved by Mother Earth. Coalatree has a focus on eco-minded apparel that is functional, durable, and oh-so-stylish! They started off as a farm in Colorado launching into a clothing brand in 2010. Plus they give back to the homeless populations in their communities and hiking trails to maintain a pristine ecosystem for all life to enjoy.

I’ve been sporting their Barrage Technical Shell jacket for the past month, from running errands to hiking the local trail. Made from recycled plastic and coffee grounds, the jacket is lightweight (I can even compress it into a little ball for easy storage) and breathable with UV protection. So even on a rainy day I’ll be protected from the rays and also the rainwater, with the fabric being water repellent. The droplets just slide off keeping me dry as I adventure out! I’m able to stretch with the four way stretch fabric, perfect if I need to climb a rock or sprint to the mailbox.

Trailhead Pants
The Trailhead Pants are just as amazing as the jacket! With the same four-way stretch, I can climb without worrying about tearing or uncomfortable pinching. It’s also waterproof. I was caught in a storm with these pants on and my legs remained dry, even as I was trying to make my way back to my car. The bottom of the pants have a tie, which is perfect for making the pants into capris or giving a more fitted look. I love how Trailhead Pants are also portable — ideal for those of us who are into traveling in nature. Coalatree is a staple in all nature lovers’ wardrobes.