Crushed Tonic: An Anti-Aging Wellness Cocktail & Q & A with Founder Sally Olivia Kim

Crushed Tonic are convenient, anti-aging drinks for your skin, hair, and health formulated with marine collagen, probiotics, and biotin, and flavored with organic superfoods.

Every crush includes a serving of flavor-packed superfoods: 
matcha, turmeric, or lucuma and includes 1 billion probiotics. These packets are perfect to take on the go, and you can mix them with your coffee, milk, or juice. With three distinct flavors to choose from, the elixir enhances your beauty from the inside while also benefiting your joint, bone, and overall body health. To learn more about this anti-aging collagen drink I spoke with founder Sally Olivia Kim.

Q: Could you tell me more about yourself and what motivated you to start Crushed Tonic?
A: I realized that I was able to combat so many of my insecurities through collagen and other ingestible skincare. Drinking collagen solved the problems that I used to get so bogged down. Acne, dark circles, enlarged pores, and even not just skin problems, but hair. Brittle hair problems that I used to invest so much of my time and resources in covering up and fixing. When I discovered the power of collagen, and the role it played our skin, hair, bones and how it changed my entire skin, head to toe, and also my hair, I became motivated to evangelize it and have everyone around me take it.

Q; How often can we drink Crushed Tonic and what would you recommend? 

A: I drink 1-2 crushes a day. Daily is key! 
Your body cannot see changes after just a couple uses. Think of it as a gym. You have to go consistently for a period of time to really see the impact. For best effects, once a day for at least 30 days is imperative. 
1-3 days: you’ll feel better overall, and more energized.
1 week-3 weeks: your skin will feel more moisturized, hydrated, glowier, and dewier. 
3 weeks-5 weeks: your dark circles / wrinkles/ cellulite will lessen, and your pores will start to tighten. Your nails will be stronger and longer.
3-6 months: your hair will be shinier, thicker and grow much quicker!

Q: Where do you get your ingredients from?

A: Our marine collagen is sourced from France. Probiotics and biotin from USA. Organic turmeric, India, organic ginger and organic cinnamon from Southeast Asia (India/ Sri Lanka), organic matcha from Japan, and organic lucuma from Peru!

To find out more about our marine collagen, please click here:

Q: Is Crushed Tonic safe for pregnant and nursing moms?

• Taking collagen supplements can be helpful during pregnancy and postpartum. Pregnant or breastfeeding women can experience brittle hair and even hair loss, so collagen can help restore hair back to health.
• As the baby grows more and more pressure is put on your joints. Collagen peptides promote joint health by helping to repair joint matrix degeneration and improve long-term joint comfort and mobility, as well as helping to restore bone mineral density and support healthy bone metabolism. There’s a lot of stress put on our joints as we carry the weight of growing baby.

• The postpartum benefits of taking collagen can help with skin elasticity by helping to tighten back loosened skin on the stomach, and preventing stretch marks and hair loss.
• During breastfeeding, women are at risk of bone resorption; therefore, a daily collagen supplement may in turn reduce a woman’s risk of osteoporosis later in life.
*As with anything, have the discussion with your doctor or midwife and make your own informed decision.
Anything else I should mention about this fabulous product?
• For exciting recipes, check out my cookbook The Collagen Glow. It’s available in Barnes and Nobles, Target, Free People, and Amazon.
• Our marine collagen is sustainably sourced; our manufacturers recycle the skin of fish that would have been discarded otherwise to produce our collagen, which means there were no fish harmed for the purpose of sourcing collagen.
• Marine collagen is double the price of bovine collagen at cost; which is why marine collagen supplements are more expensive than bovine. But not all collagen is created equal. Always make sure you check out which collagen you are ingesting and where it is sourced.
• Our probiotics can withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. So not only do you not have to refrigerate them for them to retain their efficacy, you can add hot liquids and even bake with them.

Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
Telina Cuppari

Senior Staff Writer

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