Ditch the Wine, Pass Me the CBD

Two months on the road and I’ve kept CBD in my back pocket to keep me chill and relaxed. Cue Equilibria, a CBD brand that curates gorgeous products for every woman. They offer one-on-one consultations for newbies and experienced folk with CBD – or with anyone wanting to talk all things CBD!

Starting from the top of the day, I pop a Focus Gummy, which is a nootropic blend of 120mg Lion’s Mane and Vitamin B. This little gummy helps me to get in the zone when hiking or taking a dip at the lake (or honestly most days just writing and chatting with locals). This gummy has a fruity and sweet flavor with no bitter aftertaste.

If I’m craving CBD relaxation, Daily Softgels comes to my rescue. I take it with breakfast and notice that the soreness in my back (from driving all day) fades away and my stress levels mellow out with ease. To top off the capsule, Daily Drops (300MG full spectrum CBD) are a convent solution. Housed in a luxe bottle with a slot to see how much oil is left, I drop a full dropper under my tongue. The mint flavor is both refreshing and helps to make my breath minty fresh. Easy to travel with in a fanny pack or backpack, Daily Drops are the holy grail for every CBD lover.

Once the sun goes down and I head back to my hotel room, I have an assortment of bedtime Equilibria products from which to choose.

Before I head to the bathroom to start my nighttime routine of skin care and pretty soaps, another gummy comes into play. Stress Gummies, a yummy Blackberry currant flavor formulated with Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Maitake. Pretty much all the good ‘shrooms that help my mental, body, and immunity while calming me down. Now off to the bathroom for some R&R!

Post hot bath (or let’s be real, a shower most nights), I pull out a glass pot filled with CBD goodness. Also known as Relief Balm. Methanol, lavender, and rosemary mixed in with 500mg of CBD. I slather this buttery balm onto my feet and lower back. After a few minutes, my body floats on Cloud Nine without any oily residue. Blissful.

Before hitting the lights, the last players in my day-of-wellness are the Rapid Sleep Melts. This full spectrum 5MG CBN melt is simple to use. I place it under my tongue and it dissolves in under a minute with a tasty tart cherry flavor. I was hesitant trying these melts… but in ten minutes and nestled in bed, I was nodding off into dreamland. Now that I’ve finished all my Equilibria products I can say have my stamp of approval. Great for travel, home, and anywhere you go – bring Equilibria.