Do You Believe in Magic? Psychic Power Tea + Smoke Blend

I like to believe that magic exists. In how the rain from the sky turns into miniature works of icy-crystal art. That our birth dates give us a cosmic blueprint for what’s to come in life. Love can conquer all and transform our lives. And I’m in good company with Sam & Angie, a small business run by Angeli Luz and Samuel Wilson and a small, devoted team of felines: Elio, Suki, and Navi. They sell only two products (so far)– which they were so kind enough to gift me: their Psychic Power Tea and Psychic Power Smoke Blend. Appearing at my door in an herbal perfume cloud, housed in darling little rose-golden tins that display beautifully on your counter, Psychic Power Tea is a delightful blend of organic mugwort, lavender, passionflower, rose petals, and blue lotus. This tea is ideal for those of us who are interested in lucid dreaming (known as being aware and able to control your dreams). All you need to do is put a lovin’ spoonful of the blend into your tea strainer and pour hot water over it into your mug. Watch the lovely colors blend and drink up your magical potion. Mugwort and blue lotus are two of the top herbs for lucid dreaming and for relaxation. I recommend this blend highly, it was such a treat to drink this before bed and drift off to dreamland.

Psychic Power Tea

For readers who enjoy a puff puff, check out the Smoke Blend! Sam & Angie’s is composed of organic mugwort, lavender, mullein, rose petals, and blue lotus. Similar to tea but the mullein offers a smoother smoking experience for your lungs. Perfect for after work, after dinner, or after party; roll up and smoke some Psychic Power Smoke Blend to connect to your chakras and relax your mind, body, and spirit.

Sam & Angie’s products are perfect for the mystic in your life, so pick up some products this holiday season!

Psychic Power Smoke Blend