Dry January: Cheers to Your Health and Hydration

It’s common for many people to cut back on alcohol intake during the month of January. After all that fa la la la la, we offer a few beverages and brands that we’ve recently discovered — so we lift a glass to your health and hydration this month. Here are several sipping suggestions towards better health in the new year.

First up is GoHydrate. This tasty powder comes in tasty flavors that include cherry lemonade, fruit punch, grape, kiwi strawberry and lemon citrus. The individual stick packs are perfectly measured for a 16 to 20 oz drink. They are fragrant, and a healthy way to start your day, giving you an afternoon pick-up or hydration before bedtime. Their contents include 5 essential electrolytes, zero sugar and an extra jolt of Vitamin D. To jazz them up as mocktails simply add ice cubes, your favorite frozen or fresh fruit, blend and garnish with a wedge of lemon, lime or orange slice.


If you love your weekend brunch with friends but have to abstain from your favorite Bloody Mary cocktail, we recommend you substitute the traditional libation with Virgin Mary Bloody Mary Mix by Longbottom & Co. Unlike other beverage mixers, this individual can serving is made with 81% fresh juice and the rest is herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. We tried it and unanimously gave the beverage top scores — it’s the perfect weekend beverage even without the shot of vodka. This mocktail should be garnished with creativity and made-to-order using celery stalk, olive skewers, carrot sticks, lettuce leaf, hardboiled egg, bacon strips, and the list goes on and on and…


Have you ever tried hibiscus? Some people mistake the flower for a fruit. Hibiscus is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Malvaceae, also known as the mallow family. The Hibiscus flowers are large and showy, and the genus grows into herbs, shrubs or small trees. In several cultures, hibiscus is used as food and medicine. We’ve tried an assortment of teas from FGO — From Great Origins. Their hibiscus flowers are sourced from Egypt. The tart yet sweet flavor also offers health benefits as it is high in antioxidants and may promote weight loss, and reduce the growth of bacteria and cancer cells, while supporting a healthy heart and liver. As a mocktail, try it over crushed ice with a pinch of turmeric and sprig of mint.

Winter colds run rampant everywhere. We recommend the FGO Lemon Ginger Tea for those congested days or simply when you want to curl up on the sofa with a good book or watch a movie. This caffeine-free tea is bold, zesty and has a kick from the ginger root. The organic ingredients help heal and comfort — including lemongrass, licorice and ginger root, lemon peel, peppermint and stevia leaves. After enjoying a hot cup or two we felt better and relaxed.

Tracing all the way back to China and the year 2737 BC, green tea was originally only affordable for the ultra rich. Today, it is available on almost every bodega, supermarket and pharmacy shelf. The health benefits of green tea are indisputable and we believe this tea by FGO is one of the best. We loved it best served very hot after an Asian inspired meal. You can make it into a mocktail as well with crushed ice, the juice of a few lemon and lime wedges plus mulled cucumber.