EarPeace to Please Your Ears

Whether you ride loud motorcycles, play music, work in a noisy DIY shop, or crank your song list at the gym at full throttle, EarPeace will improve your experience. EarPeace’s Hi-Fi Hearing Protection MusicPro earplugs are reusable contour ear plugs & ultra hi-fi acoustic filters that will improve your music experience by filtering sound at a safer image. It’s the highest performing and most comfortable hearing protection available.

The EarPeace SLEEP ear plugs will ensure that you get your beauty sleep without the grinding gears of garbage trucks on the street waking you up, or raucous parties in the apartment next door. Even if your neighborhood is quiet, these plugs still help you sleep sounder, and that’s a great way to start the new year. A more peaceful night is a healthier tomorrow.
Questions? Send them to support@earpeace.com.

Available: EarPeace.com .


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