Elements: Healthy Adaptogen-Rich Beverages

We’ve all grown familiar with the power of adaptogens, the super plants that balance your body’s cortisol levels and its response to stress. For anyone who suffers from exhaustion, mental fatigue or fog, they’re a veritable godsend! Elements Functional Wellness Drinks are a newly launched series of canned adaptogenic beverages, formulated with clinically effective levels of herbs so you can ingest your daily dose of adaptogens while enjoying a refreshing beverage. Founded by CEO and Forbes “30 Under 30” choice Steven Izen – who also launched Lokai bracelets for balance – these new drinks offer a convenient way to add adaptogens to your daily routine and to support your skin’s beauty. 


Vitality has a zesty ginger orange flavor and is rife with rhodiola and antioxidant polyphenols. Focus with blueberry & lemon includes schisandra to help your mind stay focused while bolstering your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Calm comes in a vanilla apple cider flavor with holy basil that can also help reduce skin inflammation, while bringing bliss to your frayed nerves. Sleep has a cherry-vanilla-almond flavor and supports your desire to relax with ashwagandha, a potent source of antioxidants, passionflower and L-theanine.

These non carbonated, water-based drinks are delicious, and only sweetened with fruit. Their benefits are felt within a few minutes. So dump that latte and make a switch to a healthy drink that truly will refresh your mind and body – and in just a few minutes. Sample the whole collection to decide which you love the most HERE.