Elix: Powerful Herbal Healing Supplements

Discover the magic of traditional Chinese medicine and adaptogenic herbs combined to make extraordinary supplements with Elix. Founded by Lulu Ge, the brand is lauded globally, and I can say, I am truly a fan. Elix offers pure and potent liquid herbal extracts that will make a difference in how you feel physically and mentally. What I love is that all you must do is add the right dosage to your water or beverage of choice and you’re set! No preparation or mess to get you started for the day. These tinctures also travel well, so it’s easy to take your Elix consistently.

Daily Harmony
To achieve a better sense of balance and reduce stress and anxiety, Daily Harmony should be added to your cabinet. Packed with an essential organic blend of hormone-balancing herbs, this product is clinically proven to increase energy and vitality, support better sleep, aid digestion, stabilize your mood and enhance your focus.

Get Well & Stay Well
Immunity double duo Get Well and Stay Well are lovely effective tinctures that will boost immunity and keep you strong. Blended with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herbs, Get Well promotes an easier recovery from viruses such as a cold or flu and combats infections. Stay Well will help you body build a long-lasting resilience and fight off fatigue. If you don’t like popping pills, these products are a pleasant surprise alternative that really work. Change your health for the better HERE.