End Your Teeth Cleaning Concerns with Curaprox

Daily dental care is essential to maintain healthy and strong teeth, since they easily get infected when not properly cleaned and maintained. Avoid expensive procedures such as root canals and crowns by keeping up with a good dental hygiene every day and flossing. It’s crucial to keep teeth clean, and most people don’t floss properly or enough according to experts. To ensure that you clean your teeth the right way, you may be better off using a professional oral care system at home.

The Swiss made Curaprox Hydro Sonic Pro is a new oral care system that offers superior teeth cleaning, thanks to a hydrosonic toothbrush powered with hydrodynamics. It includes 7 modes of action and 3 brush heads. It is recommended for daily prophylaxis and is especially suitable for people who wear braces, have sensitive gums and periodontitis.

The 7 modes allow you to vary the power of the bristles on your teeth and gums so you can go gentle or tougher when needed. The One Start mode allows 22000 brush strokes per minute, ideal for a good fresh deep clean of your gums. However, you can go a step further and reach 32 000 brush strokes per minute with the second option if you are having trouble reaching teeth and the gumline, when wearing braces or implants. The third level allows for 42000 brush strokes/per minute that are both powerful and gentle for the best in-depth cleaning between teeth and in the gum. Still having trouble? Go up to 84000 brush movements a minute.

Don’t forget to charge for 8 hours before use. Order this Swiss Knife of a teeth cleaning device HERE.


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