Enjoy Nature in KÜHL’s Premium Outdoor Apparel

Don’t let the dropping temperatures deter you from taking that hike to enjoy the fresh, crisp autumn air! Right now is a wonderful time for a relaxing trek through a local park or hiking trail, and I highly recommend a pair of KÜHL’s high performance pants for the trip.

If you haven’t yet heard of KÜHL, they’re a premium independent clothing brand that combines craftsmanship and high quality fabrics to create clothes that balance both performance and style that you’ll love to wear out no matter the occasion. With innovative designs that are meant to move with you, you can freely enjoy the outdoors comfortably!

Harmony™ Pant in Dark Heather

These soft and snug Harmony pants are perfect for a casual stroll in the neighborhood or to a local park. The fabric is breathable and flexible while still managing to keep you warm and cozy beneath. The design is cut in a way that it hugs you in all the right places, which I’ll admit my booty truly appreciates! I love the inclusion of zippered front pockets so I have the security of knowing any keys or money I store away won’t fall out while I’m on the move.

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ENDURO REVERS™ Leggings in Black

For a more form fitting choice, the ENDURO REVERS™ are reversible high quality legging that are soft against the skin but tough against friction or abrasion, keeping you protected from anything that may rub against your skin during a hike. I love how these reverse to a different color, making them perfect if you want to pack light but efficiently for any trips or travels! The high quality fabrics also mean that they will keep their elasticity for longer, maximizing their value over time.

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View KÜHL’s whole collection of outdoor bottoms here, or learn more about the brand over on their Instagram @kuhl!