Enter the Cool Cosmos Fitness Zone

Popflex’s Cool Cosmos CloudCushion Fit Kit ensures that my yoga sessions are a calming, soothing, and incredibly chill experience. No slipping or sliding. Although the extra thick CloudCushion mat is cushy and soft, it provides a gorilla grip on my bare feet, ensuring the stability required to perform stretches, Pilates exercises, or yoga poses. The CloudCushion mat is, by far, the thickest yoga mat I’ve ever used.

I never wear footwear when using this mat because it grips tighter when you sweat. The more your feet sweat, the more grip you get! What I also love about this yoga kit is its starry design and tranquil blue coloration. The gorgeous cosmos design on the mat is enchanting and the yoga accessories are colored in varied shades of blue. The blue color scheme throughout assists in creating a serene setting for exercise or meditation.

I am just starting to practice yoga again, so I needed new equipment, and this kit provided the essentials required to get started. Best yet, I could not be more pleased with the quality and appearance of every item; along with the mat, the kit included two Cool Cosmos yoga blocks, three Cool Cosmos straps (Light, Medium, Heavy), and a blue cotton carrying strap for the mat.

Downward dog? Although your dog might not indulge in a yoga routine, I recently learned that yoga mats provide great support for senior dogs who have trouble walking on hardwood floors. This extra-thick yoga mat is an ideal choice if you need to create a safe and secure pathway for an arthritic senior dog who has difficulty walking on hardwood floors. Don’t be surprised if your dog enjoys using this vegan yoga mat as much as you do.

The Cool Cosmos CloudCushion Fit Kit is the OG of yoga mat kits. This chill pill for your soul is definitely worth the investment.


Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

Rachelle Nones reports on lifestyle trends, products, and special events. She is the author of Rousing the Muse, a creative writing workbook and journal, available for purchase on Amazon.