Fatty 15, a New Supplement to get Your Daily C15:0, an Essential Fatty Acid

Our bodies need essential fatty acids, nutrients that they cannot fabricate but that are necessary to maintain our physiological health as we age. Until now only two essential fatty acids were known, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. A third new essential fatty acid was recently discovered. It is called pure pentadecanoic acid or C15:0. This C15:0 is an odd-chain good saturated fatty acid present in trace levels in whole-fat dairy products and some plants and fish. In order to enable people to meet their essential C15:0 needs, Fatty 15 was created.

Fatty15 is a once-daily oral supplement working to counter age-related breakdown. It strengthens cell membranes, keeps mitochondria working, and advances cellular homeostasis. Discovered by epidemiologist and founder Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson through her work with US Navy dolphins, it also strengthens our immunity, aids in liver function and boosts our metabolism.

Though you could get your daily dosage of C15:0 by eating whole-fat dairy products, it is not recommended as the high amounts of bad saturated fats present in whole-fat dairy can harm your health. Fatty15 contains non-dairy, vegan-friendly, pure, and lactose-free C15:0 and is also free of preservatives, fillers, oil, animal by-products, corn, soy, and artificial colors.
The starter kit has a 90 day (3 months) supply. Your supplements will be delivered in cute environmentally friendly packaging.
Simply pour the contents of each packet of 30 supplements into the refillable glass bottle once a month to ensure freshness and purity. You will start gaining the benefits of Fatty 15, in 1 to 3 months. Find more information and take advantage of the special subscription rate right now at https://fatty15.com/