Fear No More, Touchland is Here!

This past week I was sick. I thought it was COVID for a minute as I struggled to taste my Trader Joe’s PB & J snack duo. The usual sweet raspberry jelly and peanut butter-filled wafer ceased to taste like heaven, more like styrofoam peanuts. I grabbed a rapid test, swapped, dropped, and waited the unnerving fifteen minutes. Luckily, it came back negative as I continued to crunch on the jammy wafers. It was the all-too-common flu. I quickly got better, but then my brother got sick. Then my mom. Even my friend texted me saying she was sick last week and wasn’t up to going out. There was definitely a bug in the air, and I got bit. I should’ve known better, and used Touchland hand sanitizer.

Touchland is the most Millennial/Gen-Z hand sanitizer that I have come across. With their sleek rectangular style, it fits perfectly in your bag or pocket. Perfect for any gender also (I’m looking at the men in our lives who skip using hand sanitizer because it comes in a “girly” scent). Fortunately, Touchland offers a multitude of scents. I’m lucky to test out a couple and experience the way hand sanitizers are meant to be experienced: with joy and glee.

Glow Mist Rosewater was the one I was most excited about. I mean, rose is in my name. It smelled like a bundle of roses and was accented with notes of orris musk, blackcurrants, strawberry, and my favorite, lychee! I swore I could’ve used it as perfume. I had compliments, people asked what scent I was wearing. I sheepishly pulled out my Glow Mist Rosewater. Their jaws dropped as I spritzed a bit on their hands and they understood. I think I’m the patron saint of Touchland.

I’m also a fruity girl, so when I sprayed Smiley X Touchland Mango Passion, immediately, I wanted to lick my palms. My dogs even took a moment to sniff my hands and attempt to lick when I was petting them. Sadly, this one only smells as good as it looks, no tasting here. An assortment of scents like passion fruit, mango, strawberry, peach, and pear embody this spray. A fruit festival for your senses, with a bright yellow smiley face that reminds you to see the glass half full.

With Touchland you’ll always have a grin across your face. Be sure to stock up this season filled with flus and flights!

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