Fight Stress and Sleep Better

CBD is the natural, uncomplicated way to relax and reduce stress while fighting aches, pains, and inflammation. Hemp is nature’s most sought after medicinal plant to remedy a lot of life’s emotional stresses.

To help you relax and facilitate sleep at night, Dragon Herb Formulas REST offers 1,800mg of cold-extracted full spectrum cannabinoid hemp extracts and other key Chinese herbs & botanicals that have been shown in science and over 2000 years of practice to have calming and sedative properties. The taste is natural and agreeable and has a light mint finish.
Each dose includes 50 mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp extract , 10 mg CBN, Schisandra Fruit (Wu-Wei-Zi) recognized for calming the spirit, Linden Flower to calm anxiety, Passion Flower to reduce excessive thinking and Lavender to help sleep. I really enjoy taking this remedy at night to relax and sleep better. Place 1 full dropper under the tongue. Hold for 30 seconds, then swallow.
Price: $90.00
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Innovative CBD calms down the mind and reduces anxiety while also helping to focus better and take control of one’s fears without causing any drowsiness. Take it before making a presentation, going on a date with someone new for the first time, or to calm your temper. Expect results within 30 minutes. The creators of Innovative CBD are pioneers of the world’s first pharmaceutical quality therapeutic grade Co2 extraction process of CBD. The synergistically complete CBD hemp oil maintains the natural integrity of the plant in the extraction process. This results in extremely clean and pure oil. Innovative CBD Hemp oil is encapsulated in 3 mg or 6 mg capsules. The family owned business creates organic CBD in small batches to ensure premium quality. This brand contains no isolates, no additives. It is gluten & allergen free.
Price: $79.99

Hemp & Hand’s Daily Hemp Gummies is a tasty way to help stabilize and enhance your mood during or at the end of the day to ease into sleep. The gummies are so delicious with their tart fruity natural taste that you will want to take more than one. Lab tested and approved at Columbia Laboratories-COA, the gummies have no THC and are gluten free. Ingredients include mango, sour strawberry, green apple, and watermelon. There are 30 gummies in a bottle and 25 MG each. Take them to your friends dinner party next time instead of wine.
Price: $30.00
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