Five Parks Yoga: Perfect YouTube Workout for New Yorkers

“No more 5Ks,” my doctor said. “Do yoga and save your spine”. Although I love the endorphin rush of running fast, I took the prescription and set out to find the best YouTube yoga class to suit a busy lifestyle. The winner is Five Parks Yoga, whose instructor, Erin, offers a variety of free YouTube classes that are transcendent.

Most classes are filmed in Colorado or Costa Rica but don’t be fooled by the serene landscape. Five Parks yoga is a vigorous workout suitable for a New Yorker’s pace. Even if you resist yoga because the thought of slowing down is unbearable, Erin’s Vinyasa-style produces effortless, rhythmic breathing in tune with flowing postures.

The results are a flexible spine, leaner legs, and a strong attitude without the nasty edge. While the YouTube classes are free, suggested donations help cover production costs. I received a personal thank you email after making a contribution, which is a nice touch. It makes you feel like Erin knows you’re there when you take the YouTube class. Five Parks Yoga also offers yoga retreats in Costa Rica with spa packages.