Flings: A Healthy Spin on a Childhood Favorite

A childhood goodie: toaster pastries. Convenient to heat up, easy to hold, and most importantly, delicious. Flings checks all those boxes. Flings is a gluten free, high protein, and low carb snack created by Dino and Ben. Their attention to detail from the soft texture of the pastry, gooey fillings, and finger licking frosting makes indulging in Flings easy-peasy.

In the mornings while I’m heading out I debate between the tasty trio of flavors: Sticky Cinnamon, Summer Strawberry, and Hot Chocolate. Hot chocolate I throw in the freezer for a frozen hot chocolate vibe while I walk around campus. Summer Strawberry I share with my bestie as we study for Bio and chat about weekend plans. My personal fav is Sticky Cinnamon, like the inside of a cinnamon bun when I toast it and drizzle it with honey. Luckily, Flings offers a variety pack to try all the flavors so add them to your breakfast routine (or when you’re feeling in the mood for a little snack break!) Flings can be picked up on their website here – be sure to taste all the flavors!