Glamorise’s Full-Figure Friendly Undies

By way of their partnership with the Undies Project, a nonprofit based in Connecticut, Glamorise , donated more than $3 million dollars’ worth of bras to women in need. By diverting returned bras to the Undies Project, Glamorise is able to help women while keeping returned online purchases out of landfills.

Embrace Body Positivity with Bras That Flirt with Your Curves
With a product line featuring bras that are as attractive and comfortable as the two bras featured here, Glamorise makes it easy to support their charitable endeavor.

The Lacey Bralette: So pretty! This lovely lacey bralette, designed with the full-figured woman in mind, offers comfortable wireless support and adjustable stretch straps that won’t dig into your shoulders.

The Camisole Sports Bra: This machine washable sports bra offers medium bounce control and a wide range of luscious colors and color combinations to choose from. Manufactured with an attractive mesh-insert camisole design, this sporty bra proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style to attain comfortable support while working out.


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