Health Best Bet: Get Your Beauty Zzzzs with RealSleep

RealSleep supplements won’t sedate you, instead they deliver a deeper, more restful and full night’s sleep that won’t leave you groggy the next day. Harnessing only vegan, natural ingredients (1mg melatonin and 10mg THC-Free hemp extract per tablet), this works more effectively than other high-quality brands with 3mg melatonin and B6 – and the difference must be the addition of the THC-Free hemp extract. RealSleep begins with a base of CBD, CBN and a small amount of melatonin – this formula is available before taking your sleep quiz – and then depending on your specific sleep needs (determined by a quiz on their website) additional plant-based ingredients are added, tailored to your personal bedtime routine. Feel soothed, relaxed and happily sleepy when you want to be and especially when you need to be refreshed for the next day. Great for traveling and adjusting to new time zones and/or for sleeping through airplane dramas, too. A dream solution.